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Let us explain what a "proper" website means.
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"A good website is like a good salesperson. But the website will work for you 24/7 without any benefits. Design the website properly and get sales 24/7."
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Eugene lutsky
CEO of iMarketing

proper website development includes

Below we’ll clarify what means proper website in our opinion. What do you know about on-site SEO, meta tags, copy, 4U title, call to action, analytics metrics, conversion tracking and etc.?

Attract your website visitor's attention

What is the most important thing on a website? Right, to catch a visitor’s attention. Why? Because when a potential client looking for something on the web, your service, for example, he opens a lot of tabs in a row. And after he slides on it. And that’s why the first screen of your website should be standing out! We do it with 4U title. 4U is like an engine for a car. You can’t drive sales without it. 4U title helps your potential clients to understand WHY you are the best choice for them.

on-page Seo included

People think that a website is a just nice or fancy picture. But, remember, a website is a code first of all. This code includes meta tags, alt tags, and other code parts. And there are particular rules about how this code must be written. If you just buy a cheap nice picture instead of a proper website – you’ll never get it on the 1st page of search results. It will never lead to new sales/conversions. Just because it doesn’t pass the “face-control” of search crawlers.

get all essential metrics installed

Google Analytics

This is a familiar to many people metric service that allows you to see how many visitors were on your website and what they did there. And other fancy things.

AdWords Remarketing Tag

This tag will help us to show ads to people who already were on your website. With that we can offer them something better.

Facebook pixel

The must-have tag on your website! With that, we can show our ads on Facebook and Instagram to all visitors of your website.

Google Tag Manager

This tag allows you to put any side-party code inside of your website and manage it without touching the original code of your site.

Google Conversion Tag

This one helps us to count conversions on your website and allow to pay in Google Ads not per click but per conversion (result)

Yandex Metrika Webvizor

This one is unfamiliar to most US coders, but it is a good service. We will use it for watching what exactly visitors do on your website.

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