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"When you should start doing SEO for your website? Instantly! Even before you have your website done."
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Eugene Lutsky
CEO iMarketing

SEO is important!

Why is SEO important?
Often I get an objection from business owners who already have websites. They tell me: “Websites don’t work. I never got sales from my website.”
“Ok, – my answer, – what position your website have? And by what keywords?” And I hear silence in answer. Because their website position is on the 10th page of search results. Other words – nobody sees their websites. That why you need SEO. Good SEO will give you 1st page at least. The best SEO will give you 1st position on the 1st page… and even more. Your business will dominate on the whole first page of Google search results.


how long SEO takes

This is another reason why we suggest you start SEO ASAP. SEO, as opposed to Google Ads, is a long-term strategy. Hurry is not a good idea for it. It is scrupulous and consistent work. You can see initial results in 3 months. Steady results can appear in 6-12 months. But this time worth it. With a proper maintenance, your website will be on the first page for many years.

local seo

In the prior few years, we became good in local SEO. We know how to promote your local business. We do it for google maps. For your blog posts. For your website. For your SMM. As were told earlier, you can dominate on the 1st page of Google.

how our seo company works

Research & data collect

We do research on your niche. We determine and analyze your competitors. We get trends and forecasts for a market. We consider the strategy to beat your competitors.

Create PBN

We create a network of personal blogs with trusted domains and relevant to your business. We get backlinks there.

Trusted Backlinks

Yes. We buy some white-hat trusted links from high ranking websites relevant to our customers business.

Compose keywords core

We collect all long-tail and short-tail keywords relevant to your business. We do parsing of your competitor's keywords too. These keywords lie on the base of our farther work.

On-site SEO

We optimize code, meta tags, tags, alt tags for pics and videos, create robots.txt and sitemap.xml and etc.

SEO copywrite

And, of course, we write all copies special for your website in a SEO-edited way. We write. People and Google-crawlers (search indexing robots) like it.

Dominate in local search results

It has never been easier to get your local business on the 1st page of search.
Starting at $999/mo