google ads/PPC management

make Google work for you

Get traffic to your website instantly. Use the whole Google Ads platform: Search Results Ads, Google Display Network Ads, Remarketing Ads, YouTube Ads, Gmail Ads, Shops and etc.

"The advantage of Google Ads is that you can get leads the next day after your website was done. Also, you can "pursue" visitors who already viewed your website."
Digital Marketing Agency in PA
Eugene Lutsky
CEO of iMarketing

Get leads instantly

SEO takes time before results. Google Ads allows you to show up your website to potential customers already on the next day. Your Ad with an attractive copy will appear every time prospects search on Google keywords relevant to your business. Furthermore, your Media Ads will appear in front of prospects on other websites-partners of Google.


pay for results

When we set up Google Ads Tag on your website we can count conversions from advertising channels. And after collecting enough data we can set up conversion bids and pay just for sales, not for clicks.

youtube video ads

YouTube’s audience is constantly growing. Why won’t you take this audience’s attention?

Google ads/ppc benefits

Google Maps

Put all your affiliates on Google Maps. This is an excellent extension for your Google Ads and for customers awareness.

Build Brand Awareness

Let everyone in a radius of a few miles know about your business and your special offers. Invite them to visit your business.

Google Shoping Ads

Create inventory ads with pics, price, and features of your physical products and let them appears in Google Search Results.

Pay Per Call Only

Create awesome mobile ads and pay only for incoming calls to your business.

Ads in Gmail

If you have Gmail addresses of your clients you can show them the ads right in "Inbox"

Connect All Data

Connect your Google Ads account with Google Analytics and YouTube. See all data together and use it for ads performance improvement.


It has never been easier to get customers from the internet.
Starting at $499 for 3 essential campaigns.

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